Heroes @ Hive Cave
12:50: Adam Larter
14:00: Matthew Highton
15:00: Marny Godden
16:10: Adam Hess
17:20: Pete Johansson
18:30: Ari Shaffir
19:40: Paul Currie
20:50: Spencer Jones
22:00: Glenn Wool: 7th-11th
Further Ted compilation show: 16th, 17th, 22nd, 23rd and 24th
This is Not Happening: 18th and 25th

Heroes @ Hive Bunka
13:00: Candi Gigi
14:10: Ali Brice
15:10: Beth Vyse
16:20: Ed Aczel
17:30: Pat Cahill
18:40: Joz Norris
19:50: Tim Renkow
21:00: Mat Ewins

Heroes @ BlundaBus
14:00: How To Drive A Bus: Kids (13th to 16th)
15:15: Grainne Mcguire: What Has the News Done For Me?
16:30: Grace the Former Child / Daddy & Robin / Depresstival / Becky Walker / Kat Bond
17:45: Luca Cupani
19:00: Phil Kay / ComedyOpoly
20:15: Desiree Burch
21:30: David Quirk
22:45: Bob Slayer
00:00: NeverMind The BusStops til 3am

Heroes @ Dragonfly
14:00: Rousha Browning
15:00: Thom: Foolery with Thom Tuck
16:00: Peter Fleming & Wilbur Bilb
17:00: Joe Davies
18:00: Michael Brunstrom / Norman Lovett
19:10: Aidan Killian
20:20: Madame Señorita
21:30: Gabriel Ebulue
22:30: The Establishment
23:40: Jason Neale

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button PhilK Gkasgow button tom MELBOURNE

Get On Board The BlundaBus

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